Personalized Oncology Care of Monterey Bay

By looking at them, you would think the dozen or more color photographs that grace the walls of Dr. Arina Ganeles’ office in Monterey were done by a professional photographer.

But the photos hanging at Ganeles’ Personalized Oncology Care of Monterey Bay are actually the handiwork of 16-year-old Stevenson School student Braxton Stuntz, son of Dr. Michael Stuntz of Monterey County Surgical Associates.

According to Dr. Stuntz, his son first got interested in photography about 3 years ago, inspired by photos he was taking for social media sites such as Instagram.

Braxton saved his money and bought a professional camera and started taking photos in earnest. The photos are mostly landscapes, such as sunsets, but also a few action shots, said Dr. Stuntz.

Braxton is a junior at Stevenson School in Pebble Beach and lives with his family in Carmel. So far, photography is just a hobby for Braxton and not a career goal, but judging by the compliments he’s getting, it’s likely a lifelong interest.